27-year-old woman marries 83-year-old shaman in Indonesia

  • A 27-year old Indonesian woman had married an 83-year old healer from Java, Indonesia after getting to know him for just a month.
  • The lady sought the help of the shaman to treat her depression last month, but the two had gotten along quickly after that.
  • Despite the 56-year age gap between the two, the family and witnesses claim that the woman is “truly in love” with the shaman, and is not after his fortune or fame.

A 27-year-old lady married an 83-year-old “shaman” or healer from Tegal, Java in Indonesia after meeting for just a month.

Website mothership cited a reports from Inews Indonesia  and Kompas which claimed that 27-year-old Nuraeni visited 83-year-old Surdigo last July to seek medication from her depression.

Nuraeni said that she reportedly felt better after a few sessions with the shaman and had started to ask him to visit her house.

After getting to know each other, Nuraeni allegedly proposed and Surdigo said yes.

Photo from rachwed.com

Detik quoted Nuraeni, who said: my husband’s children asked me several times, they wonder why I didn’t find someone who is of a similar age. But I still like this grandfather.

This was the girl’s first marriage, and Surdigo’s fourth.

Photo from Oddity Central

Nuraeni and Surdigo were married on August 18, in front of their families and dozens of villagers. Their photos were shared on Instagram on the same day.

Despite the 56-year age gap between the couple, Surdigo’s children claim that their new step-mother is “truly in love” with the 83-year-old man, and did not marry him for fame and fortune.

“Yes, it’s true that many heads of neighboring village visit my father to ask for prayer, but that does not mean Nuraeni fell in love with my father because of that,” said Tarti, Surdigo’s daughter.

Sources: OddityCentral, Mothership

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