9-year-old Boy Fell Asleep While Studying & Selling Sampaguita

  • The photo of a 9-year-old boy falling asleep after being tired of reading his book and selling sampaguita went viral.
  • Cedrick Rebolado sells sampaguita after his class hours to help the family with their finances.
  • Rebolado has since become an inspiration to netizens everywhere.

The photo of a 9-year-old boy went viral after a netizen snapped a photo of him falling asleep after apparently being tired of reading his book and selling sampaguita flowers outside a church in Lipa City, Batangas.

Via Sha Lim Pua’s Facebook page

As seen in the photos, the young boy appears to be tired, falling asleep to the side of the walkway with an open book on his lap and his bag serving as a makeshift pillow. 

Netizens shared his story, expressing their admiration on the determination and perseverance of the young boy. Sha Lim Pua, the original poster of the photo of the young boy, had just finished applying for a job when she happened to see the sight. 

Pua admitted that she failed to get the job but seeing the young boy, later found out to be Cedrick Rebolado, gave her inspiration to never give up. Sparking her interest as well, she decided to interview the boy. 

Via Sha Lim Pua’s Facebook page

Rebolado told Pua that the reason why he was sleeping in front of the church was because he was waiting to finish selling is wares, as well as for his mother to arrive so that they both can go home at the same time. 

She also notes that the young boy sells Sampaguita in the same spot every day. 

In an interview with The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Rebolado’s mother, Jocelyn Rebolado expressed that it was her son who volunteered to help his family. She also notes that her son uses the profit to buy school supplies and other materials that ne needed for school. 

The mother also shared that the Rebolado family has been selling sampaguita for eight years. Her son has been selling for three. 

Via Sha Lim Pua’s Facebook page

Pua posted an update about Reboledo, saying that he and his parents arrive at the cathedral after his classes end at 3 PM. 

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