Alleged Gang Members Violently Hurt a 13-year-old Girl in a Pampanga Rest Room

  • The video of a 13-year-old girl being physically and verbally attacked by another teenager has gone viral.
  • The video is that of a 15-year-old Angelica Tumang cornering and violently harming the younger teen.
Via Angelica Tumang Facebook Page

The attack took place inside the restroom of Jenra Mall in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines back in September 2018. Also seen in the video is Tumang’s friend John Lloyd Impagyo, 16.

According to reports, Tumang instigated the fight because the victim was apparently flirting with her boyfriend. But it was later found out that the 13-year-old victim was not the only one that Tumang has been victimizing. 

She has been using the Facebook account of her boyfriend Nickole Gamboa, 15, to target teenage girls. She would set up meetings with whoever replies to the messages and would physically and verbally hurt the girl when they show up.

via Angelica Tumang’s Facebook Page

A popular radio show hosted by Raffy Tulfo, “Wanted sa Radyo,” had reported on the case. Tulfo had the victim’s mother on the show. She narrates that they had difficulty tracking down and holding Tumang and her peers because of the lack of evidence. 

Screengrab via Youtube

Tumang is allegedly part of a gang called the “Smoking Area Group,” of which some of its members include Abby Calara, Michaela Catacutan, Honey Faye Catanghal, Winang Sultan, and seven other male members. According to reports, Sultan is the leader of the group. She is said to be the one who shot the video while Tumang was physically violent to the victim.  

Tulfo also had reported that aside from preying on young girls, members of Smoking Area Group, allegedly take prohibited drugs such as marijuana, shabu, and drug methamphetamine.

Sources: Conan Daily, PinoyBoxBreak, Citizen Express

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