Gerald Anderson’s Mother to Bea Alonzo: “I never liked you as a girlfriend for my son”

  • Gerald Anderson’s mother speaks out in defense of his son about his controversial relationship status.
  • She admits that she never approved of Bea Alonzo as her son’s girlfriend.
  • Bea Alonzo also admitted to Gerald Anderson ‘ghosting’ her after years of being in a relationship.

Gerald Anderson’s mom, Evangeline Opsima defended her son amidst the controversy surrounding his relationship with apparent ex-girlfriend Bea Alonzo, and one-time co-star Julia Barretto.

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In an interview with ABS-CBN, Opisma opened up that she felt bad for her son, calling Alonzo out for “always saying something about my son.” She even commented that, even from the very beginning, she never approved of her as Anderson’s girlfriend. 

“Bea, I guess you know I never liked you as a girlfriend for my son. But I could not do anything because my son likes you. I am just his mother. My son liked you, Gerald loved you. He never disrespected you.”

Back in July, the news about Alonzo and Anderson’s split broke out, with speculations regarding Barretto’s involvement bringing heated reactions from people. After having a short-lived relationship in 2019, Alonzo and Anderson rekindled their relationship in 2016. In 2018, rumors surfaced that the two had called it quits. But last October, Alonzo confirmed that she has given Anderson a second chance. 

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When Alonzo opened up about her strained relationship with Anderson, she mentioned that he had ghosted her after being in a relationship for several years. She clarified her relationship status in a video a popular TV show called Tonight With Boy Abunda’s Instagram video.

In the video, she also mentioned that the support of her friends have been one of the major things that is helping her to move forward with the break-up. 

“It means a lot to me that my friends are there. There are a lot of people who care for me. I’m surprised actually that there are a lot of people who send flowers, a lot of people who are texting. It means a lot to me.”


In a previous interview, Anderson stated that Barretto did not play a part in his breakup with Alonzo. Barretto, meanwhile, defended herself by saying that Anderson never courted her. 

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