Instagram will soon Fact-check Suspicious Posts

  • Instagram will now have fact-checkers to verify potentially false posts that may have spread across the social media network.
  • Fact-checkers come from partners of Facebook, which has been applying the same feature to check the audacity of posts reported by its users.
  • The technical rollout of the feature will start in the United States and will spread across other countries after two weeks.

 Instagram users can finally report suspicious posts and have them checked by Facebook’s fact-checking partners to prevent disinformation that has also spread across the photo and video streaming platform.

Photo from The Guardian (Yui Mok/PA)

On August 15, Facebook announced that it will expand its third-party fact-checking program to the social media network that it bought seven years ago.

The technical rollout of the feature will start in the United States and will spread across international users after two weeks.

An Instagram user can report a potentially false post by selecting “it’s inappropriate” and then “false information.”

The ratings on the reported posts will be the same as those of Facebook’s—true, false, misleading/mixed. These will then be reviewed by those from the International Fact-Checking Network’s Code of Principles.

Although posts will not be taken down, they will be downplayed to “explore” or “hashtag” pages, according to Poynter, citing Instagram spokesperson Stephanie Otway.

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“In Facebook, posts become popular by shares. On Instagram, people use multiple hashtags to promote their pieces of content and have them showing up on many different pages. This is where we will be working on,” she added.

Unlike on Facebook where the user will be notified of the status of his reported content, on Instagram, he will neither be notified nor updated on the verification process.

“The reporting option we’re announcing will not lead to any changes in the fact-checking tool, but fact-checkers in the US may see more content appearing in their Instagram-specific tabs,” Otway said.

Photo from Poynter (Narapirom/

Poynter noted that Instagram is also considering adding pop-ups that appear when people search for misinformation.


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