It’s Official: The McDonald’s Twister Fries are Back

  • The beloved McDonald’s Twister Fries are back on the McDonalds Philippines Menu.
  • It launches with the new edition of Flavors of Japan.
  • The limited edition lineup includes the Ebi Burger, the Teriyaki Samurai Burger, and the new Fuji Apple McFreeze.
via McDonalds Philippines

Get your taste buds ready because McDonald’s just recently announced that their crispy, golden Twister Fries are back on the menu again, along with other limited edition offerings from McDonald’s Philippines’ new Flavors of Japan: Autumn Edition menu.

via McDonalds Philippines

Along with the crispy snack, the Japanese-inspired Ebi Burger makes a strong comeback, with its serving of bright-tasting Tempura-coated shrimp patties. The Teriyaki Samurai Burger also makes a comeback. People surely loved the Teriyaki-glazed beef patty. 

The newcomer of the bunch is the Fuji Apple McFreeze, a red apple-flavored frozen drink that will surely tickle your taste buds!

via McDonalds Philippines

The Flavors of Japan menu as well as the McDonald’s Twister Fries are available nationwide, but for a limited time only! Hurry and get yours now!

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