Korea-trained Filipino boy band makes a mark in P-pop industry

  • A Filipino boy band has been trending on social media for their smooth moves and showmanship which closely resembled that of a standard K-pop group.
  • SB19 is the first Filipino group trained by a Korean agency specializing in entertainment production.
  • The music video of their breakout single “Go Up” has been garnering thousands of likes and shares on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter from their new fans over the past weeks.

Aesthetics, smooth coordination and choreography are the first things you will notice in K-pop inspired Filipino boy band SB19 which has been going viral across social media platforms these past weeks.

The five-member Pinoy-pop or P-pop group debuted last year as the first local band trained by ShowBT-a Korean agency specializing in entertainment production and talent management.

Photo from OfficialSB19/Instagram

According to PEP.ph, the group’s name implies its intention to “break into the Philippine music scene with their fresh style and unique brand of music.”

The number 19 also refers to the number that separates the area codes of South Korea and the Philippines, with an aim to bridge the gap between the two countries as far as entertainment showcase is concerned.

SB19 which comprises Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken and Justin starred in their music video titled “Go Up,” with 808,000 views on Youtube as of posting.

 “Go Up” is said to be the group’s breakout single, with the inspiring lyrics collectively written by the boys.

Their dance practice video also gained massive attention with over 636,000 views in just six days.

Photo from Starmometer

Top comments on the videos showed admiration for the group, with new fans often confused with the Filipino lyrics sang by the band which closely takes after the usual K-pop groups featured on mainstream media.

“This is what Filipino K-pop stans are longing for, a synchronized group that can sing and dance,” said Youtube user Jei Co.

“So this is how it feels when you understand the song without English subs,” Youtube user ARMY said.

Photo from KstreetManila

“Now I know how Koreans feel when they listen to their songs,” Neverland Army wrote.

Watch “GO UP” Music Video by SB19

Source: Inquirer, PEP

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