LOOK: Plantable pencils launched in Cavite

  • Enviromental group GreenGo project launched a product that will encourage citizens to plant more trees.
  • GreenGo partnered with Barangay Molino in Cavite in offering plantable pencils or “eco pencils” which serve a dual purpose—writing and planting.
  • It also offers bamboo straws to potential consumers in a bid to reduce the use of plastic straws on a local scale.

A barangay (village) in Cavite is giving out “eco pencils” that are tipped with seed capsules for r growing plants.

Barangay Molino in Bacoor is offering plantable pencils for its residents in a bid to save the environment.


Sangguniang Kabataan Molino II partnered with the GreenGo Project to distribute within the barangay  eco-friendly and lead-free pencils.

“Use it as a regular pencil, then when it’s short enough to be sharpened, just bury the tip in a pot of soil. Provide water, sunlight, and a whole lot of love,” GreenGo Project said.

The seed capsules inserted in the pencils vary from oregano, tomato, forget me not, sunflower, thyme, bell pepper, and mint.

The concept of plantable pencils has been going around worldwide since last year as the seeds that are usually selected are easy to germinate. 

Instead of lead, these pencils are made of wood, graphite, clay and select non-GMO seeds.


The pencil stub is biodegradable and will decompose when buried. 

The GreenGo Project is also offering eco-friendly bamboo straws to lessen the use of plastic straws on a local scale and to urge people to join the “zero waste movement.”

“These bamboo drinking straws are made from real whole bamboo. Nothing re-compressed or processed. They are washable and reusable,” the group said.

GreenGo’s products are available for pre-orders. Other proceeds of their items will be used for local charity events, clean-up drive and tree planting.

Photos from GreenGo Projec/Facebook
Source: https://www.facebook.com/greengoproj/

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