Newsbit: Pacquiao to finish Pol Sci at the University of Makati

Philippines — Boxer turned politician, Senator Manny Pacquiao is often criticized for illiteracy in the Philippine senate’s code of conduct. A devout Christian, Pacman isn’t afraid to voice out and quote Bible verses in senate hearings. True to his promise, Pacman shows his student I.D. having enrolled in A.B. Political Science with specialization in local government administration at the University of Makati.

A poor boy from GenSan who braved the streets of Manila fighting his way up to the MGM Arena in Las Vegas, Pacman’s biggest fight isn’t over yet. In the political arena, he is determined to fight corruption within government ranks even exposing those whom he calls ‘untouchables’. According to Pacman, his fight will always be for the poor.

Well, academic-wise, can he knockout those grades? Will Pacquiao get an A, B or a C in class? Any bets?

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