Paalam Gen Buckly: You fought a good fight

Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines – Genifer Buckly or ‘Gen’ as her friends call her would be celebrating her 25th birthday next month, the 19th of September with her family and wide circle of friends from her local church, JVP (Jesuit Volunteers of the Philippines), ADZU, and most likely with her favorite people in the world, those who call her ‘Teacher Gen’. 

But as fate would have it, she left this world the most unimaginable and tragic way. She died from multiple stab wounds from a thief who may never the pain of losing someone like Gen who lived her life for others.

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A role model to her batch, Gen was a visionary. She was a student leader at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University where she finished her degrees in education. She was always excellent in everything and whatever she does whether at work or in her studies. She was a champion of causes to her friends. She led others to be better – a tough yet encouraging big sister to those who can’t seem to overcome their own personal struggles. Yet at the same time, she was a shoulder to cry on for those who needed comfort in their most desperate time of need. She embodied a deadly combination, a humble heart and passionate soul.

To her students, Gen lived the lessons she taught. Her life is a textbook of love and compassion. She volunteered her time to each learner even outside class. On Sundays, she served at the local church teaching kids about the Lord. A sacrificial giver and selfless. That’s Gen.

A daughter of a pastor, Gen grew up in a home where she was taught that trials and pain could only make a person stronger as these may draw you closer to Him who gave everything. She chose Exodus 14:14 as her life verse. It says, ‘The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still’. We will never know why this happened and why her. But one thing I am sure of, Gen’s life is one that was fully surrendered to her Maker as she made these words her motto ‘Let go & Let God’.

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