Pre-school Teacher Suspended After 3-year-old Boy Discovered with Bruises

  • A pre-school teacher in Singapore has been temporarily suspended after a parent found bruises on her three-year-old-son.
  • A report has been filed about the incident. The ECDA is already on the case. 

Singapore – A teacher from a pre-school has been temporarily suspended after a parent found bruises on her three-year old son who was attending the school. The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), a regulatory and developmental authority for early childhood sectors in Singapore, is already looking into the matter. 

Via Lianhe Wanbao/The Straits Times

The name of the boy and the pre-school cannot be revealed to protect the child’s identity.

The boy’s father, who is only known as Mr. Zhao, is a 31-year-old photographer. He narrates that the bruises were discovered on Aug 14 at dinnertime, where his wife noticed several bruises on their son’s legs and stomach area. Afterwards, his son refused to go to school, citing that he was “afraid of the teacher.”

Via Lianhe Wanbao/The Straits Times

The concerned couple contacted his pre-school about it; however they were not able to get any answers from the school at that time. Because of that, they were not able to file a police report. However, according to a report in The Straits Times, a report has already been filed, and the police are investigating on it. 

The Straits Times also contacted the pre-school. The administration has confirmed that two working days after the incident was reported, the teacher was temporarily suspended, pending the official incident report released by the authorities. 

In addition, it was reported that the teacher has been in the early childhood sector for four years and has been with the pre-school for more than a year.

via The Straits Times

A statement from the ECDA says that the organization “takes a serious view towards any case of child mismanagement,” and that “immediate actions will be taken if findings support the allegation.”

Sources: AsiaOne, The Strait Times

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