Punyus: A Quirky Fashion Line for Plus-sized Women

  • Several fashion brands are bringing out stylish outfits for people of all sizes and all genders.
  • Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe shares her quirky style into a brand that combats a “one-size-fit-all” mentality.
  • Punyus opens the avenue for plus-sized women in Japan full expression of their individuality.

As the world heads towards inclusivity and progressive ideals, several fashion brands are taking the initiative to bring out stylish outfits for people of all sizes and all genders. Celebrities like Ashley Graham, Beth Ditto, and comedian Naomi Watanabe have shown that curvy women can in fact make bold and beautiful fashion statements.

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For a lot of Japanese clothing brands, it’s mostly a “one-size-fit-all.” The country, after all, is very notorious for its lack of diversity in its sizes. But for Watanabe’s Punyus, their inclusivity in sizes is nothing short of revolutionary. 

Punyus offers an array of vibrantly colored collection of t-shirts, patterned pants, and hoodies, among others. The revolutionary fashion brand perfectly blends elements of the quirkiness and a fresh take on Japanese fashion. 

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The brand identifies as an “all size” brand that’s going against the body shaming idea of a “one size” system. In an interview with Vogue, she gets candid about her brand. “I don’t want to discriminate at all,” she explains. “If I did, a plus-size only brand, I think it would be discriminatory against smaller sized people.”

For Watanabe, it’s all about offering diversity head on, in an industry driven by body politics, and a cookie cutter way of imagery.

“For a lot of Japanese clothing brands, they don’t necessarily care about catering to the consumers. It’s more like, ‘We’re going to make a pair of jeans, and if you can’t fit into them, then it’s your fault.”

Watanabe also makes a very valid point, reiterating that owning who you are is the best route to self-love. 

via Keiichi Nitta

 “My message is never to tell other people that they should get fat or put on weight, but I truly believe that I should be happy, and everybody should be happy in their own skin,” she expressed. “You shouldn’t reject the way you are.” She finishes her statement with a grin.

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