Should I breakup with my boyfriend for cheating on me twice?

Question: Should I breakup with my boyfriend for cheating on me twice?

Dear Calvin,

I am 26 years old and in a serious relationship with a handsome gentleman who is two years older than me. We met couple of years ago when I joined a beauty pageant and I was one of the reigning beauties. He works/owns for one of the companies who sponsored that event. He added me on Facebook and our chats blossomed into a relationship and became couple. We have been dating for two years already.

He is very charming and hardworking. He is the perfect boyfriend every lady can only pray for giving me flowers and gifts every Saturday morning of each week. He comes from a well to do family. They own an international fashion brand and he works as one of managers. I have always imagined myself dating his kind of guy. But just a month ago, I found out from one of my trusted friends who also became his friend that my boyfriend met with one ‘gorgeous’ lady upon my friend’s investigation, that lady has been receiving gifts from my boyfriend. It gets worse because when I confronted my boyfriend about this, he also admitted that he did it twice on two different ladies.

Now he asked me if I can forgive him, yet I felt he isn’t sincere enough to make the effort of winning me back. I am in a dilemma because I really love him. I also want to disclose that I have been very faithful to him even though some guys also tried to befriend me, I never entertained any other man even if they just want to be friends. So, I feel betrayed and angry – but I love him.

What should I do?

Monica G.,
Manila Philippines

Dear Monica,

I will keep my response to your letter short, and better consult with the people closest and dearest to your heart, your parents, pastor and other married couples who have gone though years of experience before you decide.

Upon reading your letter, I am sorry to hear that the man you thought ideal betrayed your trust. As you have said, you have been very faithful to him and you have described your relationship with him as serious. Have you ever wondered how he considers about his relationship with you? Does he have the vision of marriage? Upon reading your letter, it seems you have always focused on things which satisfies your vision of an ideal man. Most important fact you need to consider cheating is very serious. You are lucky because a friend cared enough to let you know what you would have never known. What if you never found out and never confronted your boyfriend? Lastly, I wish to let you know that forgiveness is one of the most beautiful things that we as human beings can give to the people we love.

Yes, you can forgive him. But that doesn’t mean you should continue that serious relationship with him. Wake up and look around you – look for someone with character and a good heart! I do hope you’ll find a faithful gentleman who can equally commit to cherish and love you as your husband. Eat, pray and love.


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