Top 5 great things to do in Coron, Palawan for the single and brokenhearted

  • Looking for a change of pace? Well, visiting Coron Palawan might just be what you’re looking for.
  • From visiting two lagoons to sampling Coron’s delicacies, here are five fun things to do in the islands
  • Are you a fan of scuba diving? Coron is also famous for WWII Japanese shipwrecks!

Are you craving for a picturesque getaway? Do you want a completely different vibe from you usual 9 to 5? Well, you might just be looking to spend a few nights in one of the most beautiful getaway locations in the Philippines – Coron, Palawan!

Here are just a few things that you can do and explore in the beautiful islands. The clusters are home to some of the most beautiful sights and unforgettable scenes. 

#1. Journey the 700 steps to the top of Mt. Tapyas

Being the second tallest peak in Coron, it’s one of the popular first stops when visiting Coron because of its accessibility. Mt. Tapyas is a 210-meter mountain and it offers a complete and beautiful view of the town from its deck. 

Mt. Tapyas sunset coron palawan
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There are approximately 724 steps to reach the top of the mountain. And although it may sound tiring, each step is worth it once you get to the peak. And not to worry! There are ‘rest stops’ and benches for those who want to take a break from the trek. There’s also Lualhati Park halfway up the mountain, perfect for those who want to enjoy the sunset. 

#2. Discover the Hidden Lagoon in the Twin Lagoons

The Twin Lagoon gets its name from a limestone wall that divides the water into two lagoons. The place is a tranquil, and magnificent on both of the lagoons. Visiting the Twin Lagoon is usually part of most of the Coron Island tour, and it definitely is one of the highlights when you go island hopping!

twin lagoon coron palawan
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If you go there during low tide, there is a beautiful limestone wall that gives access to an inner hidden lagoon. The limestone walls surrounding the inner lagoon are rich with corals and marine life. With the limestone walks of the Calis Mountain embracing the inner lagoon, the fresh and saltwater meet, causing the waters to vary in temperatures. 

Maquinit Hot Springs

#3. Go Wreck-Diving

Love scuba diving? Well, Coron Island is actually one of the most visited destinations for wreck diving in the Philippines. Home to impressive shipwrecks that could be dated back from 1944, the channels between Busuanga and Culion are very much considered as world-class diving spots. 

skeleton wreck coron palawan
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Wreck dive sites are found in a depth as shallow as 10-30 feet and as deep as 120-140 feet. Most are in the range of about 60-80 feet. Sites like the Tangat wreck, Lusong gunboat, and the Skeleton wreck will surely dazzle and make the trip memorable. 

#4. Or, Explore the Coral Gardens

coral garden coron palawan
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Not liking the shipwreck vibe? Well not to worry, because the waters surrounding Coron and Busuanga are thriving with beautiful coral gardens, which boast a multitude of vibrant corals and lively marine life forms. 

And the view isn’t just exclusively for scuba divers. All you need is a mask and you can see the rich underwater world as soon as you dive into the cool waters. Some of these coral gardens can be found in Lusong, Atuayan, and Decalve Marine Park. The most famous is the Siete Pecados reef, covered by a variety of corals from staghorn to gorgonia fans. 

#5. Eat Great Local Food!

coron palawan
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What trip would be complete without feasting on some local delicacies? There are a lot of great restaurants that litter the city. Maybe grab a bite of tasty barbecue pork ribs from Hunt Restaurant at The Funny Lion on the edge of town, or have some great pizzas at Altrove. Or, explore the local delicacies that are hidden in the crooks of the city!

Kaya ano pa inaantay mo tara na mag Coron Palawan na!

— The Pacific Voice

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