Top 5 reasons why you should buy the latest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

A colleague once joked that the world is divided between two types of people. The iPhone users on one side and the Android users at the other end. I belong to the best of both worlds. I have been an Apple fanatic for the longest time until I switched to a Samsung Note 9 last February this year as a gift to myself.

So, what’s the deal about iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro that I have to write an essay why you should consider buying one? Let me share 5 points for you to ponder on. Though you should take note that I will be writing not from the technical standpoint of iPhone 11’s specs and features but something which you can’t find elsewhere, the ‘humanness’ of a gadget user.


1. Apple is expensive yet if you have the budget, go ahead

Price is always the key deciding factor in terms purchasing anything. In Asia where rice a daily commodity, you can find several types of rice classified either by its grain type, country of origin or the company that labelled it. Yet I know most people would always end up buying the cheapest type from the cheapest seller. That’s not the case for Apple products.

Unlike rice, you buy an iPhone once and you ‘utilize’ it by the hour. Hence if you calculate utility per hour versus the one-time payment you make, it really doesn’t hurt you much financially. Although other brands are readily available if we do a head to head comparison, keep reading as I have what I say ‘Apple’s ultimate advantage’ theory.

2. Apple is a status symbol, it’s not just a phone

In a casual Starbucks meet-up, before everyone starts to slurp a tall Americano and spew out their tales, my friends would carefully lay their phones over the table as if it’s an Apple showroom. Can you relate to this situation? Guess what’s next. Someone exclaims, ‘Oh you bought a new phone’.


3. Photos (almost always) look better on iPhone

I am not a technical person and as writer, I also don’t have the authority to support this claim. Yet subjectively, I think that most iPhone users take the best photos. Subjects tend to look better on iPhone photos. Apple knew one important about human, we are visual creatures. We are enamored by images. So, the brand with the best camera wins. In a group photo, who usually takes the photo? Yes, the iPhone user!

4. You don’t have to be smart to use an iPhone

What’s smart about iPhone is that they understand that their target market and users are not robots. They sell only what you need. They also keep the interface very simple. Upgraded doesn’t mean ‘complex’, but ‘simpler’. Other brands tend to explain the universe at the palm of your hands before you could send a text message to someone. No way. Simpler is better.


5. Apple understands the ‘who’, they understand you as a human being

Undeniably, Apple has a good technology. They also have some of the most brilliant marketing minds in the industry. These people have worked on one important facet of the human behavior; customers are emotional beings. Human beings respond to how they are being treated by the other. In choosing your one and only partner in life, you don’t just consider whether that person has lots of zero on his paycheck, a funky hairstyle or if he/she can cook well. Emotion plays a huge part of making that final ‘go or no go’ decision. What keeps you as a loyal customer is how you are treated back as a person.

Like in human relationships, how a company identifies itself toward its customers entails commitment. In business, they call it ‘customer service’ or ‘after sales service’. (Note: Although unlike Apple, your partner is irreplaceable!)

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