Young Atenean Teacher Killed by Unknown Assailant

Mindanao, Philippines – A research and curriculum development assistant at Pangantucan Community High School in Bukidnon, Gen Buckly was attacked and died of multiple stab wounds from an unknown assailant in her quarters yesterday with a fellow Jesuit Volunteers Philippines partner, Kathleen Gatdula who managed to escape.

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While authorities are still investigating the case, colleagues, friends and former students bring to social media their cry for justice.

A former student, Maximus Emasar Pantaleon writes “Ma’am Gen Buckly was a teacher who had dreams for her students as well as herself. She was a kind of a teacher who would always reach out for her students. A teacher who was always considerate in terms of our projects and activities. A teacher who truly cares when you share something with her. Someone who gives you good advices and a great figure. She was one of the teachers who was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to and share something. Her honesty and humilty makes if difficult for me to forget her. This message below is the one that touched me the most because she always believed in me, my classmates and as well as my schoolmates. Her friendly personality makes it easy for all of us to approach her despite the fact that she’s going through something. She was one of the teachers who made my class smile when we were going through our ups and downs. Ma’am Gen Buckly was more than a teacher for me because she gave me a lot of memories that will always be cherished during my stay in ADZU JHS. Memories that helped me prepare for what is coming for me and memories that will always make me look back in the past. I am very thankful to be your student. Thank you for everything Ma’am Buckly and until we meet again… May she rest in peace and let us all please pray for her soul as she is now in the hands of our God. ??”

A high school teacher from Ateneo de Zamboanga University Junior High School where Gen Buckly also worked, Nette Lasam Lean writes, ‘Can’t hold back my tears. My last picture with you.’

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